• Solutions for the Chief Medical Officer and CFO

80% of data theft is via inadvertent or intentional email, IM or web post.

US corporations lost $120 billion of proprietary data last year, arm your HR and Legal Counsel.

Find better, cheaper health outcomes from clinical records.

Reduce fraud, terrorism risk with real-time and archived communication oversight.

Predict financial, and operational outcomes with customer feedback, employee ideas.

Clinical Records Analysis: Save Lives and Money

How many millions of dollars does your health system lose due to “reasonably preventable errors” and “never events?” How much do you spend on increased malpractice premiums and legal defense?

Arm your medical and financial controls team with faster and more accurate information.

With renewed focus on fee-for-quality in healthcare both payers and providers find increasing value in quickly and accurately analyzing clinical information to achieve quality improvement and cost management goals. Analyzing only the structured data collected in ICD and DRG codes leaves opportunities for mistakes and risks as those codes only encapsulate parts of the narrative information contained in the clinical record text descriptions.

Find better, cheaper protocols with the evidence in your hands in record time.

While technology remains a core of our business, we focus on the business outcomes. Few options remain for healthcare payers and providers who also face the challenge of “teaching” a software tool the intricacies of their particular legal, actuarial and regulatory rules within the context of text analysis. Unlike most vendors, Mindent’s approach is to enable flexible, customizable “teaching” of the system by subject matter experts, without need for extensive information technology staff. With an added transparency and actionable intelligence, Chief Medical Officers can have better view to satisfy the needs of regulator and accreditation requirements:

  • Regulatory Risk Dashboard:

    Up-to-the-minute view of key regulatory metrics for your center, customized for your jurisdiction and legal counsel input.
  • High Throughput Analysis of Clinical Data:

    Know how accurately your staff follows protocols to understand the cost, quality and risk impact.
  • HIPAA Safeguards:

    Prevent the dissemination of personal and proprietary information though insecure channels or to unapproved recipients with analytic filters on email, instant messages, and web file transfers.
  • Clinical Research:

    Leverage highly de-identified honest broker tools, and analysis of research findings to create structured data out of unstructured narrative.

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