• Solutions for the CFO and Legal Counsel

80% of data theft is via inadvertent or intentional email, IM or web post.

US corporations lost $120 billion of proprietary data last year, arm your HR and Legal Counsel.

Find better, cheaper health outcomes from clinical records.

Reduce fraud, terrorism risk with real-time and archived communication oversight.

Predict financial, and operational outcomes with customer feedback, employee ideas.

Actionable Intelligence for Government and Defense

New counterintelligence challenges and opportunities arise and can be detected in email, instant messages and social media.

With text analysis, you can enhance the activities of your agency and department and provide greater service and security to the citizenry.

From force protection to enhancing services for the citizenry intelligent text analytics can expand the capacity of your resources. Unlike existing business intelligence and filtering software, Mindentís approach enables human operators to rapidly teach and define wide range of themes, topics and focus areas to detect activity and take action without extensive information technology resource investment. In addition, our capabilities combine real-time threat analysis with archival context to build a more complete picture to serve and protect your constituency:

  • Email and IM Text Analysis:

    See what is happening inside your organization by getting up-to-the-minute prioritized report of organizationís emails, file attachment transfers and web activity with risk flags for suspicious activity. In real-time, monitor or stop instant messages that do not comply with your protocol or attempt to transfer sensitive information.
  • Confidential Data Protection:

    Protect confidential data from being sent via email, instant message or web transfer to unauthorized parties. Scan message content and attachments to address the biggest security loophole.
  • Human Resource Management:

    Non-invasive, fully confidential 360-degree view of managers, employees and their performance based on email, instant message and web communication tasks. Identify high performance and areas for improvement.
  • Risk Dashboard:

    See your organization as you have never seen it before. Create and manage rules to ensure security protocols for communication and transactions are followed, and quickly analyze narrative text of email, instant messages, blog posts and web mail.

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