• Solutions for the CFO and Legal Counsel

80% of data theft is via inadvertent or intentional email, IM or web post.

US corporations lost $120 billion of proprietary data last year, arm your HR and Legal Counsel.

Find better, cheaper health outcomes from clinical records.

Reduce fraud, terrorism risk with real-time and archived communication oversight.

Predict financial, and operational outcomes with customer feedback, employee ideas.

Behavioral Analytics: Understand and Predict Behavior

Does your business intelligence analysis rely only on structured data?

Can you organization benefit from a great understanding of its clients, competitors, vendors and employees?

If you already archive emails and instant messages, we can help you extract additional value. Combine structured and free text analysis to find answers to your toughest business challenges.

Business Intelligence provides crucial decision support in all areas of the enterprise from financial planning, product design to governance and control. But what happens when the information you need originates from unstructured source such as email, instant messages, blog posts or memos?

Mindent’s approach builds on extending and enhancing your existing business intelligence infrastructure. Step-by-step we enable decision makers to create from their business objectives the structure for the free text format of critical data. Within that focus, we support numerous vertical markets from healthcare, to retail, and even government agencies. We have built our technology to be vendor agnostic enabling our clients to leverage existing technology infrastructure and achieve rapid turn-around:

  • Dashboards:

    See what is happening inside the enterprise by getting up-to-the-minute report on activity based employees’ emails, vendor instant messages, customer notes, file transfers and web activity with flags for suspicious activity.
  • Fast and Flexible Text Search Taxonomy:

    Because they rely on a manual method to prepare the evidence for legal review they often miss deadlines and cannot have the evidence available when negotiating a settlement resulting in higher settlement costs.
  • Risk Alerts and Activity Triggers:

    Employees take advantage of slow pace of manual intervention and can continue with malicious behavior, sometimes for years, because manual spot-checks of archives are insufficient, and real-time filters are unable to scale with volume of emails, instant messages and file transfers.

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