80% of data theft is via inadvertent or intentional email, IM or web post.

US corporations lost $120 billion of proprietary data last year, arm your HR and Legal Counsel.

Find better, cheaper health outcomes from clinical records.

Reduce fraud, terrorism risk with real-time and archived communication oversight.

Predict financial, and operational outcomes with customer feedback, employee ideas.

About Mindent Solutions: Where we started, and where we are growing

Mindent provides strategic business intelligence solutions to the Fortune 1000. We solve challenges related to human behavior and intelligence and connect-the-dots with real-time and archived text mining analysis of email, instant messages (IM), social media and surveys:

Risk: How do you prevent theft (via email, IM, web) of proprietary data?
Control: How do you ensure procedures are followed for HR and operations?
Intelligence: How do you connect the dots for threats and opporutnities?

These are just a few examples of the challenges we solve with behavioral intelligence analysis and text mining. We are a privately held, early-stage company with patent-pending technology founded by Harvard and University of North Carolina MBA and technolgy alumni from companies such as Microsoft, Russell Investments, Blue Cross Blue Shield and UNC Healthcare.

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